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If you know me, then you know that my family is VERY IMPORTANT to me. Every one of the five have a special part in my life. My only brother has been my partner in life since birth. His name is Jorge Beltran, he is my best friend, my buddy, mi muki :). I love him so much, and probably the experience we went through almost two years ago, got us closer. While working in a ski resort in Colorado, one day he had a snowboard accident that result in a spinal cord injury, meaning that he would be a paraplegic. We were in Craig Hospital for three months for his rehabilitation and as I was there all the time, I thought it would be good to record the memories in pictures, so later on we can look back and rejoice in all that OUR LORD had donde in his life, and my family's life. To HIM BE THE GLORY!

[Si me conoces bien, entonces sabes que mi familia es muy importante para mi. Cada uno de los cinco tiene un espacio muy importante en mi vida. Mi unico hermano tiene un espacio especial por haber sido mi companero desde nacimiento. Su nombre es Jorge Beltran, el es mi mejor amigo,my buddy, mi muki :) Lo amo tanto! y probablemente la experiencia por la que vivimos juntos, hace casi dos anos nos unio aun mas. Mientras trabajaba en un ski resort en Colorado, tuvo un accidente en snowboard, lo que resulto en una lesion en la espina dorsal lo que lo llevo a su estado de paraplegico. Estuvimos en el Hospital de Craig por tres meses para su rehabilitacion, y como yo estuve ahi todo el tiempo pense que seria bueno capturar los recuerdos tras el lente de la camara para tener algo que nos oblique a mirar a tras y ver todo lo que NUESTRO DIOS ha hecho en su vida y en la vida de mi familia. LA GLORIA SEA A EL!]

Jorge as he does weelchair class.

Pool therapy

Outing with the Hospital.

Jorge using the handcycle for the first time.

Pool therapy.

I admire him so much!! [Lo admiro tanto]

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Hello my name is Erika Beltran, and my job is to help you collect all those precious memories with your beloved ones, with the help of my camera. Let's tell your story.


  1. qué lindas fotos, erii!!! te deseo lo mejor del mundo :)


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